EA Access may soon be available on new platforms

A feature exclusive to the Xbox One and PC platforms, EA Access may soon be available on the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

EA Access, also known as Origins Access on PC, is a subscription-based service where subscribers pay for unlimited access to select EA titles. Xbox One and PC are currently the only platforms offering EA Access, but the subscription-based service may soon be available on other platforms.

Neither Nintendo nor Sony have made official announcements regarding plans for EA Access on the Switch or PS4, but Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, has hinted at plans to bring EA Access to new platforms.

“Our subscription player base continues to grow. And you should expect us to continue driving this model to more platforms going forward.”

When EA first launched EA Access in 2014, they offered the service to both Sony and Microsoft. While Microsoft was receptive and made EA Access available on Xbox One, Sony turned down EA’s initial offer. Since then, neither Sony nor EA have announced any official plans for EA Access on PS4.

Since 2014 a wealth of popular titles have been made available through subscription to EA Access/Origins Access. Featuring the entire Mass Effect series, the Dead Space series, a number of popular EA sports titles, and different Battlefield titles, EA Access has already attracted many subscribers and is sure to draw many more.

Will those new subscribers be from PS4, Switch or users of both systems? We may find out sooner than later.