The Witch And The Hundred Knight 2 lands on PS4 next year

The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 will be arriving exclusively on the PS4 in 2018. But what’s it about exactly, I hear you ask?

You play as the Hundred Knight on their journey through a witch-ravaged world. Young girls are contracting a strange illness and awakening as witches, causing some problems across the region of “Kevala”.

Luckily, on the Hundred Knight’s side are two sisters: Amalie, an agent of an organization who opposes witches; and Chelka, the witch who awakened in Amalie’s younger sister, Milm. Stil with me?

It’s an action RPG where you have to delve through dungeons and landscapes covered with fiends and monsters. It’s also important to chain attacks together with the weapon system that welcomes weapon-change mid-combat.

Here’s a trailer for you: