Fantasy Flight Games announces a new video game development studio

Fantasy Flight Games has recently announced they will be entering a new gaming market: video games.

Since their founding in 1995, Fantasy Flight Games has been producing critically-acclaimed card and board games. Now they are focusing their experience on games with a new development studio called Fantasy Flight Interactive.

Fantasy Flight Interactive will be led by the video game industry’s Tim Gerritsen, former Studio Director of Irrational Games, famous for his work with Bioshock Infinite, the original Prey, and Rune.

Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight Games

Development plans have not yet been officially released, but Fantasy Flight Interactive has said they will focus on developing new titles as well as video game adaptations of Fantasy Flight Games board and card game franchises.

Fantasy Flight Interactive’s unannounced projects already in development are being developed for PC but they plan to expand development to other platforms in the future.

Many of Fantasy Flight Games’ board and card games have included licensed adaptations of franchises like Fallout, The Witcher, Call of Cthulu, Elder Scrolls, and X-COM, so it’s exciting news.