Microsoft on Xbox One X: “There’s a big difference with 40% more processing power”

In a new interview with GamesRadar, [originally from Xbox: The Official Magazine] Microsoft has spoken about the increase in power the Xbox One X provides, and what that means for developers and gamers alike.

Xbox One X: “Feel True Power”

Dave McCarthy, Xbox’s general manager, had this to say on the new console:

So if you’re an existing Xbox One user, I think whenever you’re ready to make the jump, developers are going to take advantage of the high-end capabilities of it. We think it’s a compelling combination of power, performance, compatibility, and also design.

There is a big difference with 40% more processing power, in terms of ensuring that consistent frame rate, including that frame buffer that’s going to get you all those 4K textures, ensuring the spatial audio is going to be at a premium for you.

Asked what effect the Xbox One X would have on the wider gaming landscape, McCarthy replied:

I think there’s a round of storytelling that it’s really going to unlock for a lot of developers. You saw Patrick Söderlund talk a little bit about that, both in the EA Play conference and when he was introducing Anthem from BioWare [at Microsoft’s conference]. There’s an immersion factor to true 4K. Like, you feel the heat come off those cars in Forza. The weather effects are stunningly real, and you find yourself sort of immersed in these experiences.

The Xbox One X isn’t far away now and launches on the 7th November worldwide for a princely £449.99/$499.99. Will you be diving into the extra immersion reader? Let us know in the comments below.