Do Indie Games Deserve More Attention… and Money?

The good folks over at Get Good Gaming have posted a new video that discusses indie games, focusing on their place in the games industry, among other things. As you know, we’re no stranger to these types of games ourselves.

– Takeaways –

Some key takeaways from the discussion ask the following:

  • Are we undervaluing indie games?
  • What exactly is an indie game today anyway?
  • Do indie developers deserve more money?
  • Why is there this mentality that indie games are not ‘as good’ as AAA games and don’t deserve as much attention?
  • There’s even a bit in there about TV series True Detective… What’s not to like?

It’s certainly worth a listen – you can check out the full video below.

Who are Get Good Gaming?

At Get Good Gaming, we strive to start conversations that include unique and diverse voices, exploring the many topics that make our chosen field of entertainment so wonderful and, sometimes, so frustrating.

Our Get Good Talks podcast tackles everything. We lay out the facts, and offer up a variety of opinions to incite thoughtful reflection with an engaged audience.

What do you think?

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