Conviction: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney gets a new story trailer on 3DS

Objection! Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to your 3DS next month. It’s out on November 21st in North America and November 23rd in Europe via the Nintendo eShop for a decent $19.99.

Where’s Phoenix?

To celebrate, Capcom has released a new story trailer that shows Apollo Justice taking over from Phoenix Wright in the courtroom.

The fourth game in Capcom’s beloved lawyering series, it’s up to Apollo and Trucy Wright, (Phoenix’s adopted daughter), to find out exactly why the renowned lawyer is now a mysterious pianist/poker player instead. You probably “couldn’t handle the truth” reader.

Improvements for the 3DS edition include crisper graphics, the ability to quickly skip text even if you haven’t read it before, and the choice between English and Japanese versions of the game, which also localises the game’s art.

What do you think?

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