eSports + University = Honours degree?

Competitive gaming can finally be justified by a university honours degree in eSports, but students hoping to learn how to more efficiently frag their foes in Overwatch may be disappointed.

Better ways to play competitive games?

Beginning in September 2018, Staffordshire University will be offering the UK’s first eSports degree program. The honours degree program is more aimed at teaching students the business side of eSports than it is teaching students better ways to play competitive games.

The teaching focuses on:

“… how to host small and large scale events for single player and multi-player teams, create business plans to develop teams, create online communities and promote your events through digital marketing.”

However, the eSports program is not all business and numbers. Students will also benefit from opportunities to “explore the culture of eSports”. Hopefully, this cultural exploration includes exploring firsthand the ins and outs of various characters’ combos in Street Fighter V.

Staffordshire University has even reached out to the eSport industry for help in designing and planning an appropriate course study track for prospective students. Such collaborators include Fast Web Media, Ukie, Codemasters, the British eSports Association, and the National University eSports League (NUEL).

Both Staffordshire University and the collaborating eSports organizations are optimistic about the program and feel that eSports are set to become both an important and profitable industry.

The Vice Chair of the British eSports Association had this to say regarding the future of eSports as an industry:

“Staffordshire University’s decision to establish an eSports course is visionary and far sighted. eSports is one of the fastest growing entertainment mediums in the world, and anything that can help the UK establish itself as a centre for this exciting industry should be celebrated.”

The opportunity for student work placement has also been offered by Red Bull’s new London eSports studio.

Staffordshire University is hosting an event on the 22nd October, 11 am – 6 pm for those curious about their eSports degree program.

What do you think about the whole phenomenon?

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