FIFA 18: World Cup Edition, How The USMNT Failing To Qualify Will Affect The Upcoming Game

If you pay attention to the sporting world, you probably noticed the shocking news that the USMNT (United States Men’s National Team) has FAILED to qualify for the world cup for the first time since 1986. As a hardcore follower of the sport living in the United States (yes, believe it or not, we exist) this was absolutely heartbreaking. But, we aren’t here to discuss that, we are here to discuss how this event will affect the series of FIFA: World Cup video games that are released every four years.

Facts are facts, the United States is the third biggest country in the world (population), and the average person has more than enough money to purchase a single video game. And living in America, I almost never hear anyone talk about soccer (Football UK readers!) unless it’s time for the World Cup. This is a time where the country becomes united and watches a sport that they usually couldn’t care less about.  With this summer sensation of soccer, FIFA releases a World Cup spin-off game along with each event. EA does this to try to capitalize on the worldwide interest in the sport, in order to gain some extra revenue, of course.

Well, with the US not qualifying for the upcoming World Cup, it would not surprise me to see the sales of FIFA: World Cup edition drop off in the US pretty substantially. Like I said above, when the World Cup comes around and the US is playing, almost everyone in the country is paying attention. This upcoming World Cup will be much different, honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the 2018 World Cup isn’t covered nearly as much as the 2014 World Cup in the US. Less publicity is never a good thing and with a spin-off title, you only have a tight window of time to make your money.

I know this is all conjecture but what do you guys think? Will the sales of this upcoming FIFA: World Cup edition drop off? Or am I overestimating the effect of the USMNT failing to qualify will have on the game? Let me know in the comments below!

What do you think?

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