Jurassic World Evolution Trailer Finds A Way To Impress

Jurassic World Evolution is an up and coming game where Theme Park meets Turok. Until now we haven’t seen what the game will actually look like, with only a pre-rendered trailer to whet our appetites. Today saw the release of an ‘in-engine’ trailer that showed off some of the extinct exhibits we can expect to fill our tourist traps with.

Frontier Developments released the trailer during their Frontier Expo event. The developers of Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster look to continue their high pedigree of games judging by the looks of what we’ve seen so far. The animations, in particular, have me quite impressed with the lumbering lizards looking like they have a real weight to their movements. I also love the fact that the T-Rex looks almost cute as he curls up for a nap. D’awww.

  • The new trailer didn’t show gameplay as such but we’re told it’s all ‘in-engine’. So fingers crossed it looks this good when it launches.
  • Jurassic World Evolution is slated to launch in summer 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • As well as the trailer, Frontier Developments held a talk at Frontier Expo (the talk is embedded below).
  • T-Rex is the best dinosaur.

I’ll happily admit that I’m looking forward to this one. I wasn’t a massive fan of the Jurassic World film and previous attempts at cross-breeding Jurassic Park with Theme Park haven’t gone too well. However, with Frontier’s game development track record and judging by the quality of the trailers we’ve seen so far, I think it’s only fair that I allow my expectations and optimism get wildly out of control.

What do you think?

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