Never mind Avengers: Infinity War – meet Doctor Who: Infinity

They say time waits for no man, but that knowledge hasn’t stopped followers of the BBC’s longest-running drama Doctor Who from getting mighty impatient for new content.

With two months already having passed since the TV sci-fi saga’s tenth season reached its denouement, and only a single Christmas special due to air between now and the Jodie Whittaker-starring Season 11 next autumn, fans are craving other outlets through which to explore time and space.

Enter Tiny Rebel Games, who – off the back of their 2013 gem-crunching puzzle strategy effort Doctor Who: Legacy – intend to provide a worthy stop-gap gaming experience to tide starving Whovians for the next 12 months…


  • Titled Doctor Who: Infinity, the UK development studio’s second ever mobile outing will – like Legacy – take the form of a RPG puzzle entry focused on the “match three gems” gameplay of its predecessor.
  • Tiny Rebel won’t say much on the core narrative driving Infinity, save for assembling a team of Doctors and companions from throughout the show’s 52-year-history to plough through “comic-book style puzzle adventures” galore.
  • Don’t expect a direct follow-up to Legacy‘s disparate story arcs exploring the various eras of Who either. Executive producer Susan Cummings says “this isn’t a sequel” so much as a “new platform for delivery of stories written by well-known Doctor Who writers”.
  • Speaking of which, expect for Infinity to debut with a Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) adventure penned by regular Who novelist and audio scribe George Mann in the form of The Dalek Invasion of Time, also featuring art by Mike Collins and an appearance by the character’s long-time frenemy Missy too.

Intrigued yet? Join the club – while we’re longing for a licensed Who video game to grace consoles soon (despite the struggles involved, which we’ve listed here), for now any new forays into the series’ vast mythology are welcome, particularly in the midst of its hefty TV hiatus.

Look for Doctor Who: Infinity to get a “soft launch” for a select band of players in Spring 2018, with a full-scale release for mobile devices and PCs on iTunes, Google Play and other digital stories following swiftly thereafter.

In the meantime, be sure to let us know your thoughts on the project’s comic-book-inspired premise in the comments below…

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