Super Mario Odyssey: Switch bundle revealed, Koizumi, more!

Super Mario Odyssey looks like it packs three games into one with the amount of content on offer. That was the impression the new showing of the game left us with from Nintendo’s Direct.

Oh, let’s do the Odyssey

Presented by the playful Yoshiaki Koizumi, the producer of Super Mario Odyssey, we were treated to new Kingdoms, more Power Moons than you can shake a stick at, a hint system, minigames with online rankings, and new outfits for Mario.

You can customise your ship, the Odyssey, to your heart’s desire too, while a Snapshot Mode allows you to take pictures of your adventure and then do all sorts of fancy effects with them. You can even post these snaps to social media or use them as wallpapers – if you’d like.

Super Mario Odyssey

There’s also a Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle launching on the same day as the game. It includes red Joy-Con controllers, naturally, a carrying case and a download of the game:

Super Mario Odyssey

More information will be revealed on the official site, (and on Twitter), while the game’s release date draws closer. Is it Super Mario Galaxy-beating stuff? We’ll see.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Koizumi presents very much in the way the late Satoru Iwata did. He seems like a confident and natural choice to lead the Directs in the foreseeable future. Maybe that’s the intention!

What do you think?

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