Fatshark manages super-sized expectations in Warhammer: Verminitude 2

Unlike many indie studios out there focused on crafting original IPs to suit their own creative visions above all else, Swedish developers Fatshark haven’t shied away from delving into pre-established universes in the slightest since their 2008 birth. The team leapt headfirst into Capcom’s Bionic Commando brand with platformer Rearmed 2 in 2011, then presented a bold new take on survival horror with 2014’s Escape Dead Island. But easily their most esteemed project to date has been Warhammer: End Times – Verminitude, a multiplayer-centric FPS set in the realms of the titular table-top strategy saga. Earning itself a strong 80% Metacritic score in 2015, this apocalyptic adventure built no shortage of goodwill for a brand with a hit-and-miss track record for video game adaptations, making the studio’s just-announced next project, Warhammer: Verminitude 2, a no-brainer…


  • Yes, you’ve probably already guessed it – Fatshark is hard at work on Warhammer: Verminitude 2 as we speak over the interwebs.
  • Some Warhammer diehards are already speculating that the narrative will herald from the physical strategy game’s classic Old World setting, rather than End Times’ Age of Sigmar.
  • As for the current-gen consoles set to grace themselves with this likely long-in-development fantasy experience in the near future, expect to see Verminitude 2 hit PS4, Xbox One (and PC).

That’s essentially our lot for now, with plenty more details promised by Fatshark for Verminitude 2’s worldwide gameplay reveal this October 17th. In the meantime, be sure to take a gander at the long-awaited sequel’s debut trailer below, and let us know in the comments whether the title might end up in your online shopping basket come 2018.

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