A Robot Named Fight, Metroidvania/roguelike hybrid, is now available on Steam

A Robot Named Fight is out today on Steam, everyone. Alien abominations, labyrinthine levels, and permadeath await you. If that’s your thing.

Combining the Metroidvania and roguelike genres, A Robot Named Fight aims to hit the sweet spot between retro and modern platformers.

As for the story, well, thousands of years have passed since the mechanical gods ascended and left the lower robots to cultivate the world, you see. Unfortunately for those left behind, something terrible is stirring among the stars: the “Megabeast”, a pulsating moon-sized orb of flesh, eyes, mouths and reproductive organs – unleashing its children onto the world like an unstoppable plague… How nice.

In the game, you play as a lone robot tasked with retrieving wartime artefacts deep beneath the surface of your planet. It’s here that you’ll explore a procedurally-generated underground world that’s full of monsters and power-ups.

Super Metroid fans, enjoy this trailer:

You can grab A Robot Named Fight on Steam now (both Windows and Mac) for $7.49 – 25% off the game’s retail price. The sale will end a week after launch (on September 14th).

What do you think?

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