Strategy MMO pre-registration opens to plug the Gap of Thrones

“The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” That poetic sentiment, last uttered by Sansa Stark in the Season Seven finale of HBO’s TV fantasy drama Game of Thrones this week, rings especially true of developer Turbine’s latest project, a licensed strategy title taking place in the realms of Westeros and launching exclusively for mobile devices.

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment alongside HBO Global Licensing, strategy MMO Game of Thrones: Conquest carries the bold ambition of appeasing fans of dragons, Dothraki and Benjen-shaped deus ex machina moments until the show returns for another run in late 2018 or – the Old Gods and the New forbid – early 2019.

Those players eagerly awaiting its launch won’t have their patience tested for too much longer either…


  • As of this week, long-running aficionados and newcomers to the worlds of George R.R. Martin alike can pre-register to try out Conquest, meaning they’ll have access to the first Thrones video game effort since Telltale’s 2014 episodic series.
  • Not dissimilar to Telltale’s spin-off saga, Turbine Games plans to place registered players at the helm of a new House, tasking them with “navigating the dangerous political landscape of Westeros and claiming the Iron Throne”, commanding the loyalty of “powerful armies” and striving to “sabotage their enemies from within”.
  • The incentives to pre-register don’t end with instant access, either; anyone who takes the leap of faith before Conquest’s launch will additionally earn themselves an appropriately named Prepare for War bundle, granting them exclusive Night’s Watch training gear as well as plentiful helpings of gold and resources with which to begin their campaign of domination across the Seven Kingdoms.

Turbine Games have something of a hit and miss track record when it comes to ambitious MMOs along these lines, with the likes of 2007’s The Lord of the Rings Online reaping far more in the way of praise than last year’s Batman: Arkham Underworld, but they’ve at least got plenty of experience under their belts, offering hope that their latest production will suffice as the ideal means to help anyone already suffering from GoT withdrawal symptoms.

Either way, given that Telltale confirmed their ongoing Westerosian odyssey to have been placed on ice this week while they focus on expanding their Batman, The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead series, Conquest looks set to represent one of the only licensed slices of Game of Thrones fans can expect for a while in any medium – unless those Gamestop-fuelled rumours of Bethesda developing a Thrones tale of their own are true, of course!

Head here to pre-register for Game of Thrones: Conquest and stay tuned to D-pad Joy, where we’ll endure clashes of kings, storms of swords and the winds of winter to bring you all the latest details as its mobile and iOS launch nears later this year.

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