NeoGAF Theft Auto VI – groundbreaking leak or fake news triumphant?

Of all the challenges faced by industry marketing teams today, internal leaks must surely rank as by far the most commonplace. Just ask Ubisoft, who seemingly can’t even consider developing a new Assassin’s Creed entry without the press’ knowledge, or anyone responsible for organising Microsoft or Sony’s rarely watertight annual E3 showcases.

Less notorious for such slip-ups is Rockstar Games, a studio renowned for its complete refusal to publish new details on its upcoming projects until ready, doubtless infuriating its social media team as a result. Recent days might’ve seemed an exception to the rule with supposed leaks abound, but has GTA VI really broken cover? Let’s examine the evidence.


  • Boosting NeoGAF’s building industry reputation as a viable web-scouring source, users of the platform have flagged up an intriguing new role listed by thespian Tim Neff on his purported official website.
  • The Suburbicon and Why Him? actor seemingly added a motion-capture contribution to a project entitled Grand Theft Auto VI last week, as well as Rockstar’s already-announced open-world Western sequel Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Quite whether the ‘leaked’ information is accurate or a prime example of wishful thinking – and resume hacking – on the part of the GTA fanbase remains up to debate, however. For his part, Neff says he “worked on GTA V a long time ago” and hasn’t met Rockstar since, with his agent calling the resume and listing “made up”.
  • But at risk of us becoming conspiracy theorists, such denials don’t completely rule Neff out given his past Rockstar collaborations and the studio’s virtually guaranteed enthusiasm to continue their most successful IP in the near future. Who’s to say Rockstar hasn’t eyed up contributors to the project, even if Neff isn’t pulling our leg?

The prospect of Rockstar getting to work on their next GTA outing offers tantalising food for thought, regardless of the validity of Neff’s now-disputed listing.

Stay tuned to D-pad Joy for all the latest updates on – and accuracy-evaluating critiques of – both Rockstar’s confirmed and rumoured AAA productions as we move closer towards Red Dead Redemption 2’s spring 2018 release window and whatever lies beyond.

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