August Xbox Games with Gold deliver trials, factions and slime

While its programming wizards and marketing mojos are hard at work preparing the Xbox One X for its November 7th global launch, not to mention the bevvy of ‘enhanced’ AAA projects following in its wake, that doesn’t mean Microsoft has any plans of slacking on their monthly Games with Gold range during the interim.

True to form, the publishers are bringing another quartet of once-hallowed 360 and One titles back into the limelight in August, providing Gold subscribers with the opportunity to repeatedly slaughter hopelessly fragile motorcyclists, engage in guerrilla warfare aplenty or wade through countless foes as a femme fatale like no other…


  • First up Xbox One owners can dive into a goo-laden open-world on August 1st via Steam Rancher, a first-person quasi-reimagining of Giants Software’s Farming Simulator series tasking players with breeding and caring for a remarkably intelligent bunch of slime life forms on an extra-terrestrial ranch quite unlike Old McDonald’s.
  • But come August 16th, Monomi Park’s quirky sci-fi sim steps aside, leaving the door wide open for the arrival of a cult classic. Enter Trials Fusion, the RedLynx-helmed fifth entry in the long-running vehicular puzzle saga, which packs 8-player online modes and countless means by which sadists can send hapless motorists to their demise.
  • Meanwhile loyal 360 devotees – and Xbox One owners thanks to backwards-compatibility – get two commercial underperformers but critical hits free of charge. Bayonetta leads the pack on August 1st-15th, introducing newcomers to Platinum’s visceral yet gorgeous slasher while also leaving them bemoaning the sequel’s Wii U exclusivity.
  • Then lands Red Faction: Armageddon, bringing up the rear on August 16th – September 3rd. Although Voalition’s grim sci-fi franchise has faded in recognition since the emergence of their Saint’s Row IP, any shooter reaping 72% on Metacritic nowadays certainly warrants a look, especially at a painless £0.00 price-tag.

As always, accessing these titles simply requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription on either console, after which members need only select the GWG icon on their dashboard to download each of these third-party efforts on the above dates. If you’re still undecided though, then we’ve included Microsoft’s showcase of their four August freebies below.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the latest Games with Gold line-up in the comments section, and keep it D-pad Joy in the months to come for regular updates on what’s to come for Xbox Live Gold and Silver members alike.

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