Indie racer Astral Traveler shown off in first trailer

Upcoming Indie racer, Astral Traveler, blends high-speed arcade style racing action with space combat, and it wants you to be fast.

You’ll journey through five different nebulas, sliding between obstacles, leaping between platforms, shooting down deadly foes and phasing through energy barriers for extra bursts of speed. Sound fun?

The game’s designer Kevin Giguere said:

Astral Traveler is a tough challenge, but also immensely rewarding for gamers. It’s such a frenetic experience, trying to find that perfect line amidst the chaos, all to shave off those precious milliseconds off the timer. There’s really nothing like it.”

Developers Dragon Slumber and Brainoid joined forces to bring this racing experience to life. Impressively, a Twitch audience has also been following the ongoing development live from the start.

Astral Traveler will be available on September 13th on Steam and other digital platforms.

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