Crash Trilogy is number one in UK charts again, takes it back from Final Fantasy 12 and beats Splatoon 2

It truly seems that there’s nothing that can stop the Bandicoot in the UK. He’s now secured the number one spot for three weeks and has even beaten Splatoon 2 to get there.


  • The Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy has taken back the number one spot from Final Fantasy 12, which held it for a week.
  • Newcomer Splatoon 2 came in at number two, an impressive entry but not enough to stop Crash.
  • Splatoon 2 outperformed the first title, becoming the 3rd biggest Switch game launch behind giants Zelda and Mario.
  • Crash now matches The Last of Us: Remastered with the most weeks held at number one for a PS4-only title with 3 weeks. (Next week’s results could see it beat The Last of Us!).

The chance of us getting Crash Team Racing Remastered? I’d say it’s very high at this point with the success of the trilogy. Fans may finally get what they’ve been asking for.


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