4 Games That Need A Sequel – But Probably Won’t Get One

There are those games out there which rightfully deserve a sequel. They delighted us, entertained us and still give us countless nostalgic rushes.

Sadly, the odds of these games ever getting a sequel are few and far between – for whatever reason that may be.

Enslaved (2010)


Chance-O-Meter 2/5

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West received a great all-round critical reception, but hardly anyone bought the damn game. And that’s a real shame.

Enslaved is a hidden gem of a game, one which will probably never be appreciated for the hard work and effort that has clearly gone into it. Following the main character Monkey, a tough, hot-headed, acrobatic genius, the player is taken on a journey with a really interesting storyline; this isn’t the usual ‘skip the scenes’ job. The characters and plot are really involving and without spoiling anything, the development between Monkey and Trip throughout the game is expertly executed.

Ninja Theory said they always planned for Enslaved to be two games, however, even they couldn’t anticipate the poor sales the game ultimately achieved. Come on, that ending needs expanding for sure. Maybe one day…

MediEvil (1998)


Chance-O-Meter 1/5

Ok, so MediEvil already had a sequel right? That doesn’t mean a third game shouldn’t happen. The first and second games were filled with charm. Players controlled the skeletal, one-eyed, Sir Daniel Fortesque, who couldn’t properly speak himself due to years entombed underground.

The dark, brooding atmosphere of the games really made them their own: combined with witty humour, yet having dark undertones within. The weapons were a particular highlight, with Dan in the second game wielding anything from a Magic Sword and Shield, to a Gatling Gun. The PSP outing titled: MediEvil: Resurrection, was a remake of the first game, and sadly not a new adventure for the loveable fella.

Hopefully Sony one day will see the error of their ways and produce a third game. With Call of Duty games coming out every year now however, who among the gaming mass really wants to play as this worn-out skeleton anymore – other than the cult following?

Hogs of War (2000)


Chance-O-Meter 1/5

Although Hogs of War was never given the top rankings among gaming critics, it wasn’t long before it became a classic in the eyes of those who played it. Rik Mayall even lent his voice!

The turn-based style that was clearly inspired from the Worms series of games meant that Hogs of Wars was essentially Worms with hogs – with perhaps more humour. Players had a team of hogs loaded with numerous strategic weapons for them to utilise. This ranged from Sniper Rifles, to Grenades, to Cattle Prods. The system – which saw your hogs promoted through the ranks – only made it even more painful when they fell in battle.

What makes it even worse is that a sequel to the game was confirmed to be in the making by Atari. Unfortunately, the game was quietly cancelled as far as everyone knows. Does that mean the chance of us ever seeing a revival is even slimmer? Pray it not.

World of Goo (2008)

World of Goo.jpg

Chance-O-Meter 2.5/5

World of Goo was produced by only two people, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the finest modern puzzle games conceived so far. With catchy music, brilliant design and lovely visuals, World of Goo took the world by storm.

The aim of the game is simple on the surface, but fiendish later on – something all good puzzle games should do. The idea was to get the Goo Balls to the end of the stage – by linking Goo Balls to other Goo Balls. The player could go about this in pretty much anyway they wanted, creating all sorts of weird shapes in the process of getting the cute black guys up the pipe.

So why is a sequel needed? Because everyone wants more levels, more music and more humorous plot scenes to take place. 2D Boy could even go about adding some new modes to the game, like online co-op for example. The first one was such a surprise hit for the duo, they’d be mad not to do another, surely?

Sequels Galore

So there you have it, four games that need sequels, (new IPs are always welcome as well). I’m aware that there are many more games out there that desperately need sequels, but this was my personal pick – what would yours be?

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  1. I had the idea in my head that MediEvil did have a sequel – “Ok, so MediEvil already had a sequel right? That doesn’t mean a third game shouldn’t happen.” Ah.

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