Shadow of War allows you to import your worst enemy from Shadow of Mordor – Uruk-‘ha’!

A new update to Shadow of Mordor will let your greatest enemy come back to haunt you in the game’s sequel, Shadow of War. Any Uruk-hai that gave you real trouble can annoy you some more…


  • A free update for PS4, Xbox One and PC, “Nemesis Forge”, will allow the game to automatically detect a player’s highest ranked Uruk. You’ll then see them again in Shadow of War.
  • Nemesis Forge will also import each player’s most loyal orc follower – it’s not all bad news then.
  • Shadow of Mordor is now free to play on Xbox One and Steam until 9th July.
  • Shadow of War launches on the 10th of October – so you better get your practice in.

The cast of Shadow of War includes: Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick, Silicon Valley) and Pollyanna McIntosh (The Walking Dead, The Woman). Performance Capture Director Troy Baker returns as Talion.

Alastair Duncan (Westworld), is also back as the memorable Celebrimbor and Laura Bailey (Injustice 2), will play the elite assassin, Eltariel.


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