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Amazon UK: If you ordered multiple SNES minis, you’ll now just get one – scalpers beware

To the chagrin of scalpers everywhere, Amazon UK is now limiting anyone who ordered multiple SNES minis to one console each.


  • Amazon UK contacted customers this morning, via email, to say they had limited stock of the much sought-after SNES mini to just one console per customer:


  • As expected, the SNES mini has been extremely difficult to get hold of since its announcement on June 26th, with prices on eBay already double the original price of £79.99.
  • We’re not sure if Nintendo themselves has requested this new limit – is more stock on the way?
  • The SNES mini is set to launch in the UK on the 29th September with 21 games built into the system.

It’s good to see Amazon UK (and Nintendo?) put this limit in place so scalpers won’t as easily get to manipulate people who have a passion for something – why this limit wasn’t in place right away is another question, of course. Have you been lucky enough to order a SNES mini? Let us know in the comments below, if you please.



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  1. It is great Amazon are acting on this. Shame Nintendo won’t sort their shit out and announce how many they’ll produce. Or do anything about the NES Mini scalpers.

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