The Diary of a Cynical Gamer: Modern Warfare Remastered

June 29th 2017

So I find myself writing this entry not out of choice but out of necessity. I’m not one to stand by and accept something at face value without question. No, I will stand up for gamers as I feel there are too many times where we are taken for fools and deserve more. On this occasion, I’m looking directly at you, Activision.

First, though, a brief trip down nostalgia avenue if you will. It’s 2007, the Xbox 360 and PS3 were in their strides and HD was just becoming a thing (I know right?). Our relationship with historical warfare was coming to an end and the future was upon us. We welcomed in Modern Warfare…

The excitement of receiving a delivery alert whilst I was at work was too much. I was one of the few who ordered the night vision goggle edition and, surprisingly, they worked quite well. Modern Warfare was huge and, to me, a game changer and was one of the games of the generation. Who can forget that famous Ghillies in the Mist level?

So when I heard rumblings of a remake, you can imagine my excitement. I wanted to relive those moments of 2009, that excitement and a simple, non-complicated multiplayer experience. But before I could start giggling like a little school girl over the thought of this, Activision went and dashed all my hopes and dreams.

What sort of sick joke is it to tie this bundle of joy in with the most expensive editions of the latest Call of Duty game? To top it off; what even sicker joke is it to say it will never release on its own then change your mind and charge people £30+ for the privilege? Ridiculous. Outright absurd. I refused to fall for their trickery the first time and I won’t fall for it this time either. The game doesn’t even come in its complete form with all the extra DLC. Nonsense.

Some will pay it. I think they’re wrong and have fallen for their cynical ways. I’ll rent it at most, I refuse to buy into this horrible business model of seeing loyal fans as bags of money and nothing more.

So with that, I’ll relive some other memories by playing Medal of Honor: Airborne via EA Access. Consider this rant, temporarily concluded.