GAME UK: Lack of Switch stock is the reason we’re having financial issues

UK retailer GAME is going through something of a tough time. Now they’ve blamed Nintendo, and the lack of Switch stock, for their weak financial results.


  • GAME says demand for the Nintendo Switch has been “very strong” but the supply of the console has been lower than they expected.
  • They also state that there is a “continued softness” in their “core Xbox and PlayStation markets”.
  • The company has warned investors to expect another dismal set of financial results.
  • GAME’s stock plummeted by 30 per cent after its financial statement was made public.
  • They are still positive however, pinning their hopes to Red Dead Redemption 2, Xbox One X and more Switch stock.

GAME expecting more stock for the Switch is interesting considering the hybrid machine has beaten Nintendo’s own estimates as well. Is it really down to Nintendo? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below, if you please.