There will be a PS5 – Smartphone style approach will not takeover

Shawn Layden at Sony has made something very clear today: there will be a PS5, and the smartphone style upgrade-approach will not takeover. In other words, we’ll still be getting our PS5 and ‘normal’ console cycles, probably in addition to smaller upgrades like the Pro, in the future.


  • In an interview with German news site,, Shawn Layden said it “will probably be some time” before we see the PS5
  • Layden states there will “never” be a time when a game runs on the PS4 Pro, but not on the regular PS4
  • He reinforces the idea that gamers who have a standard PS4 will experience no “real” disadvantages going forward

There’s been a lot of talk about the PS4 Pro (and now the Xbox One X) signalling the end of the traditional console life cycle. Taking that into account, it’s reassuring to hear Layden say that Sony doesn’t plan to go down that route anytime soon. This writer in particular is a fan of the old way of doing things – but what about you? Let us know in the comments below, if you please.


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