PS VR gets its first short film – it’s not just for games you know

Have you ever fancied watching a short film on your brand new PS VR headset? You haven’t? Well good news, you will get the chance to anyway. And you never know, it might be good.


  • A VR short film called Ctrl is coming out this Friday for PS VR
  • Portal writer Chet Faliszek loved it on Gear VR and said it was “his favourite GearVR piece”
  • It’s developed by the production company Breaking Fourth
  • It basically puts you in the head of a professional e-sports player called Liam

From the PlayStation Blog:

Aimed at any PS VR fans who are hungry for deep and dark stories, this challenging film explores themes of power, control and escapism. Putting on the PS VR headset plunges you into beautiful 360 degree worlds, whilst forcing you to confront the unrelenting nature of the character’s reality – and as the plot develops, you may find yourself reflecting on your own experiences…

Are you excited to watch Ctrl in virtual reality, or would you rather go back to Resident Evil 7? Let us know in the comments below, if you please.


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