E3 2017: Terry Crews joins Crackdown 3, coming November 7th

Crackdown 3 has been rumoured to be in development hell for the past few years – well it looks like that was just a rumour after all! At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Sumo Digital released a new trailer for Crackdown 3 featuring the one and only Terry Crews.

The new trailer not only showed us new gameplay and features that weren’t shown before, but also revealed that Crackdown 3 releases on the same day as the Xbox One X – November 7th.


Even though the release date surprised us, the footage they showed looked somewhat concerning; it seemed to be missing all of the cloud computing destruction that the developers promised at the games first reveal a couple of years back…

Well, its time to put those concerns to rest, Crackdown 3 will still have all of the high scale destruction as promised in the multiplayer modes. The single player on the other hand will be a different experience all together. This all comes from design director Clint Bundrick who said: 

Our competitive multiplayer experience has the cloud computing that gives you the 100% destructibility. Destruction is still very much a part of Crackdown 3 and we will be revealing more at a later date.

A few other big notes about Crackdown 3:

  • It will run at 4K 30fps for the Xbox One X
  • The single player and multiplayer modes will have different levels of destruction
  • They are promising the return of the crazy narrator and the addicting orb collecting

What do you guys think about Crackdown 3? Are you guys surprised it’s actually coming out? Will you be picking it up on November 7th? Why or why not?

Let us know in the comments below!

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