Tarsier Studios reveals more about Little Nightmares: Secrets of The Maw

Tarsier Studios are keeping us on our toes by publishing more information on their new DLC “Secrets of The Maw”!

On June 7th they published a mini-interview with the producer Stephen Halett to give some much-needed answers to questions asked by fans.

According to Halett, there were things left unanswered at the end of the game (a statement on which I totally agree), and they are now taking the opportunity to answer some of those questions – revealing more story about the The Maw and its inhabitants. They consist of three chapters working as self-contained stories, and will be released in an Expansion Pass format.


We get to experience more of The Maw as an underwater prison, and what happens to children that are brought there – through the adventures of the new protagonist, The Runaway Kid. We can also then assume that the speculations about the protagonist’s name being Seven has been debunked – unless they at some point change their minds.

Each chapter is set in a new environment with new gameplay features and challenges, such as more difficult puzzles and implementing water mechanics:

  • The Depths, a place that has been abandoned and flooded. Uh, I foresee an even worse version of the creepy girl underwater from Inside. Anyone else?
  • The Hideaway, where The Kid has to work together with the Nomes, our adorable minions from the original game, to solve the puzzles. I quote: “death is just a step away and only by working together can they both survive.”…Yikes.
  • The third and final chapter will involve a secret location within The Maw, and will decide the fate of The Runaway Kid.


When asked about why they wanted to involve a new character, Halett says they wanted a different perspective when shedding light “on the darkest secrets of The Maw”. He continues to say that The Kid’s and Six’s stories will cross paths several times over the coming chapters – learning more about her story while playing another. 

The three chapters are ready to be pre-ordered on Steam and the PlayStation Store, and will respectively be released in July, November and January.

This should be interesting… I feel dread and excitement at the same time… I mean… *cough* LET’S DO THIS.

What do you think?

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