Overwatch’s New Map is Out of This World

Overwatch is soon to get a new map and I’ll cut to the chase. It’s set on the Moon, Horizon Zero Colony, to be precise, and it’ll even contain small portions that have low-gravity. With this in mind, I can only imagine how difficult it will be to shoot down a floating Pharah and a double-jumping Genji. The new environment will have you either capturing or defending two points just like the Anubis and Hanamura maps.

As with all Overwatch environments, there’s a story being told. Those of you that know about the Overwatch lore will be well aware that Winston, also known as ‘The Gorilla One’, was raised on the lunar base before things went… wrong. Who would have thought that training a squad of genetically enhanced, super intelligent apes would backfire?

Also like all big Overwatch updates, this has been teased by the good people at Blizzard. Recent posts on the official blog made some pretty obvious hints that this new map was on the way, though I guess we can all be thankful this reveal hasn’t dragged on for several months like Sombra’s reveal did.

When the map will be released we don’t know yet. Those PC players out there that can’t wait will have to log into the Public Test Realm to get their hands on the new map right away. The rest of us will just have to wait. Not that I’m complaining as I’ve still bunch a whole bunch of sprays and voice-lines to unlock from the recent anniversary update.

What do you think?

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