Little Nightmares DLC Confirmed

I honestly did not see this coming, but what a pleasant surprise!

On May 26th and May 29th, Tarsier Studios posted some alluring tweets on Little Nightmare’s twitter page: 

I’m stuck here… We’ve always been stuck here. Now we are taking our chance.

So, does this mean that the other kids we encountered down in the Maw are now trying to follow Six’s path, to try and escape the living hell?

Little nightmares secrets of the mawLittle nightmares dlc

While very little has been said, one can now safely assume that Little Nightmares is getting DLC called ‘Secrets of the Maw’.

Speculations say that Six will not be the playable character in this DLC, but a boy named Seven, shown in the teaser picture. Will we embark on a new journey into the Maw with a new character, or will the boy give us additional story to the one we already know, but from a different perspective?

I know I’m excited – I have so many questions… And hey! Have you read my review on Little Nightmares?

What do you think?

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