RGX Showdown

RGX Showdown
RGX Showdown
PS4, Xbox One
Out Now

Hang onto your hats and take to the streets in the latest high-speed futuristic street racer. From The Walking Dead to The Wolf Among Us, Telltale Games has presented inspiring fictional narratives in the form of episodic seasons.

RGX Showdown may be indie developers Shortround Games‘ debut release, but the small team of veterans are eager to have players engaging in the action at blistering speeds and competing in an online competition.

Take a look at the full throttle trailer showcasing the intense speed found in RGX Showdown below:

The rapid racer comes fully equipped with loads of appealing features, such as:

  • Fast online races between two racers both competing for the top time will have players quickly engaging in one race after another. Races typically last less than a minute, leaving players at a constant high-velocity pace within a myriad of races.
  • Earn cosmetic decals and paint jobs from completing various events scattered across the vibrant RGX universe.
  • Race between international tournaments that change every hour to make your way to the top. Always have a chance at victory with new winners claiming the podium every hour which offers up unique rewards.
  • Players aren’t limited to rewards by winning only, as RGX offers plenty of event points – win or lose – to alleviate any would-be headaches from tedious progression.
  • Unlock new Champion Cars by racing your way through the numerous vehicle classes and swiping a few high-octane victories as you speed through fast highways, weave in and out of traffic and burst around gripping curves.

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RGX Showdown