Ludicious 2018

Ludicious 2018
Zürich Game Festival
Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st January

The fourth edition of the Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival will kick off on Thursday, January 18th, with a three-day international conference.

From Thursday to Saturday 600 people from the international and local games industry will meet at the Kasernenareal in Zurich to attend talks, panel discussions and workshops. In addition to industry exchanges, the festival is about making new contacts and showcasing the international games nominated for the Ludicious Awards.

From Saturday early afternoon, the general public will also have the opportunity to play the games in the exhibition, accompanied by an exciting program of entertainment including live art and music performances. On Sunday, the festival will feature workshops in art, coding and writing for games that will be a meeting place for families and anyone who wants to learn more about the processes involved.

During the conference, 50 international speakers will be looking at the game industry and the development of computer games from many angles. The talks, lecture series and panel discussions in the fields of art, technology, interaction design, creative systems, community and business show diverse approaches and will encourage attendees to join into the discussion on multiple levels.

Among the speakers of Ludicious 2018 are:

  • David OReilly, who made it to the Oscar long-list with the trailer of his award-winning game Everything.
  • Alden Kroll of Valve, who co-developed the largest digital game publishing platform Steam.
  • Dhaunae de Vir of White Wolf Entertainment (caring for Games like Vampire: The Masquerade), who will discuss how to re-establish trust with a community.
  • Callum Underwood, from publisher Raw Fury, who will spotlight the reality of dealing with publishers.
  • Lauren Cason, who will talk about her award-winning game Monument Valley 2 and mother roles in games.
  • Daniel Dociu, Art Director at Amazon Game Studios, who will show how to push beyond existing economic constraints in maintaining independend creativity.
  • Kate Edwards, former global director of IGDA, CEO at Geogrify, will shed light on the importance of unconscious and cultural decisions in the design and distribution of games.
  • Chris Bourassa of Red Hook Studios, who will talk about the artistic concept of indie hit Darkest Dungeon 2, which has sold more than two million copies.
  • Dajana Dimovska of NapNok Games, who uses the example of her game Frantics to show design approaches to intergenerational games.
  • Ludicious 2018
  • Ludicious 2018

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Ludicious 2018