Facepunch Studios

Facepunch Studios

Facepunch Studios is a privately owned independent developer of video games. It was founded and created by Gary Newman, Matthew Schwenk, Bryn Shurman and Arthur Lee during the development of Facewound (their first video game).

In a questions and answers, Gary Newman, explained that the name Facepunch originated from a brainstorming session for the game Facewound.

“[…] Too funny sounding to just leave and die” – Newman on naming Facepunch Studios.

Unplanned, unorganized and ungreedy, this is their company ethos. They believe in encouraging new projects and documenting the development process ‘warts and all’ – for the gaming community.


  • Facewound
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Rust (Alpha)
  • Chunks


You can view videos for each of Facepunch Studio’s titles below:


Gary Newman – Founder of Facepunch Studios, video game developer, father.

Gary Newman.png

Future Projects:

  • Approval
  • Wiseguys
  • Before
  • Beep
  • Space Usurper
  • Sandbox Game
  • Project: Tile
  • Ephyr
  • Cyber Bastards
  • Turretsurvival
  • Farmpunch
  • Moss

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