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Since March 2017, (known as D-pad Joy back then to our readers) has been helping cover the games that simply do not get the coverage they deserve – or any at all for that matter!

We have truly been taken aback by the kind words we have received since last year from our readers. It’s clear that there is a real need for gaming media publications to make sure that their focus isn’t constantly centred on the biggest AAA titles that we all know so well.

We have also seen a great response to our free indie directory that is helping game developers get noticed. We’re aware there is so much more we can do here, but we can’t do it alone.


The sad truth is that online ad revenue at the time of writing is at an all-time low. Even the biggest of publications are struggling to survive. So imagine what that means for a small publication like Nitchigamer: we’re barely making enough to buy a single cup of coffee a month. A single cup. (Writers need coffee.)

Our running costs are always increasing, our writers are always improving, and yet we have nothing to fund our project with. It’s a tricky situation.

So that’s where you come in reader; you can help to change this. We’re not asking for huge amounts of money, we wouldn’t expect that at all. We certainly don’t like to beg either, but needs must.

Anything that you donate below really does help ensure we can keep doing what we love, what our readers love and what game developers out there truly need.

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